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As an entrepreneur, it is highly advisable to have a personal business coach to walk with you throughout your entrepreneurial journey. Finding a good business coach with the right attitude is the most important part of the entire process of business mentorship. With the process possibly daunting, here are some tips on what to look out for in a professional business coach.

Look for Experience and Expertise

Professional business coaches have varying experiences and levels of professionalism. You should endeavor to look out for a business coach who has tremendous experience and expertise in your particular industry of investment. Working with a business coach with such skills and qualities ensures that you benefit optimally.


Your business coach should be able to attend to you more often or when the need arises. It is preferable to work with a business coach who is stationed not so far away from your business. This ensures convenience and ease of scheduling of meetings. The coach should, therefore, be willing to sacrifice some of his or her time, irrespective of the busy schedule.

Focus on Accountability

Accountability in business coaching and mentorship is crucial in ensuring that you benefit optimally. You should, therefore, focus on working with a business coach who emphasizes much on seeing your progress in your business. A coach who does not appear to care much on how you progress would most certainly not be suitable.

Honest and Teaching Qualities

Most of the time, the business coach will need to impart some business skills and qualities in you. He or she should, therefore, be a willing teacher who is keen on demonstrating and explaining concepts that could be crucial to your business’s success. The coach should also be honest in his or her evaluation and conduct with you. You should, therefore, target working with a coach who can criticize you as well as congratulate you where necessary.

Track Record

With several years of experience in the field of coaching and business mentorship, a good coach who is suitable for you should be able to demonstrate and clearly outline his or her previous successes as well as some failures. The track record gives you a surety that you will be in the safe hands of a professional who will see you through your success in business.