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No matter the issue, there are going to be situations that arise within any company which warrant the need for remote work. This, of course, can lead to a serious disruption of day to day work, which may eventually lead to less than stellar revenue at the end of the month. Therefore, companies must make a plan that involves how they will prep when a company needs to move to remote work. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when preparing your company for remote work.

Determine Essential Tasks First

It is important to map out which positions are critical to the operation of the company and thus need to be the primary focus at the beginning and which will need additional aid in keeping them functioning. These need to include positions that can be easily done without the need for a physical presence or at least partial presence. This also includes positions that you are not sure they can be done remotely, such as administrative assistants.

Audit Your IT capabilities and Support

One of the biggest things your company is going to rely on is virtual conferencing. Thus, it is important to audit your It capabilities and support to ensure that the operations of the company are still moving forward, even when you are not all in one place. After all, the last thing you want is to be locked out of critical company programs or unable to video chat with co-workers.

Communications Protocol

When talk of needing to go remote is heard around the office, proper communication is often the first thing that takes a hit. Therefore, it is paramount that you obtain a communication protocol to inform your employees about the process, from start to the actual transition of working remotely. This should include the mediums which are going to be used, such as Slack, email, or Zoom. In addition, proper protocol on how and who to communicate issues must be implemented.

Find Ways to Measure Performance

The most important component of a successful work from home response is the quality of work that is being produced. Finding ways to measure performance before and during this time can help you determine the best procedures to implement within the first weeks of remote work.