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Companies are starting to loosen the reigns and are allowing their employees to work from home or work remotely. Some companies even advertise their job listings with remote options. But one of the biggest challenges of remote work is staying productive, creative, inspired, and still keeping some type of work-life balance. So how do you make the transition from working in an office to working remotely?


Communication is Key

The key to being able to succeed in any role is communication. But once you go remote, communication is key and becomes an even more important asset to your everyday work life. Being a remote employee means you are no longer a few feet from your boss or other coworkers so it’s important to have scheduled daily meetings or even weekly 1:1’s. This allows you to stay connected with your fellow colleagues, connect about any projects you’re working on, and discuss your goals. 



It’s important to have reliable technology to help you complete daily work tasks. Whether it’s updating your wifi router or getting a new laptop or desktop, the right technology is going to help you be successful while you’re remote.


“Logging Off”

One of the hardest things to do when working remotely is to stop working for the day. Even though you’re going to continue to receive emails and notifications, it’s important to put a hard stopping time in place for your mental health. This will also help establish a work-life balance. 



One of the easiest things to do when working remotely is to work from your bed or couch every single day. But setting up a designated workspace will allow you to focus on the tasks at hand. Whether it’s setting up an office in your home, finding a coworking space near you, or setting up in a corner of a coffee shop a few days a week, your workspace should suit your needs and allow you to tackle whatever projects and tasks come your way. 


Embrace the Travel Perks

Working remotely doesn’t mean you just work from home every single day! If it’s possible, take advantage of being able to travel while still working! Whether you are an employee at a company, a freelancer, or an entrepreneur, you’ll be able to work anywhere!